Three Lies of Making Money from Your blog

Yaro Starak is one of the world’s best blog instructors. He doesn’t show you just how to write a blog – he helps you live off it.

Besides that I can walk to his house (OK I would probably take the bus, it’s just a little more than round the corner, but its close), his advice has helped me get , running and profitable.
Recently Yaro reminded us three lies – big lies – that that hold you back from blogging success.Writing in his blog, Yaro says the wording may be different, but under most barriers holding back internet success are three false beliefs.

Lie 1. You can only make money blogging how to make money
Yaro says that this is a short sighted view that stems from the natural process a new entrant into the world of Internet marketing goes through.
While Yaoro admits he makes money this way, and his example may perpetuate the myth, he said “if you really want to make big money enter the dating, weight loss, health, investing or real estate niches.”
“The truth is that the make money online niche, while good, is far from the best.”
“ First they look for methods to make money online and find a ton of resources, some which are good and some which are not” he said.
It sometimes seems that most only make money by selling products that teach how to make money and this including Starak.
However, he admits there are so many possible niches to make money in, but why you don’t hear about them.
“Those making money in other niches are not teaching how to make money, so there’s no incentive for them to talk about how they do it” he said.
Of course, Yaro, whose program, Blogging Mastermind, is focused on that niche.  If your focus is on one niche only then obviouslythat is what you are exposed to and  write about.
Yaro’s own program, Blogging Mastermind, is full of examples and interviews of people who have succeeded with health products and Tennis training – all helped by Yaro of course. He is the consummate marketer after all.
Lie 2. You need to be a technology nerd to succeed
“Here’s the truth – technology is a bitch. It’s the biggest pain in the butt for most Internet marketers and we all struggle with it from time to time,” said Yaro, “but that shouldn’t stop you from leveraging it to make millions.”
“why on earth would you spend so much time learning something you’re not good at and don’t enjoy?” he said “Technology is not your problem, choosing to handle it yourself is.”
Hiring a technologically savvy person to design a website for you is relatively cheap and easy. While some object to hiring oversees labour, it can be done ethically in a way that really helps a person say from the Philippines.
3. But there are better experts than me
Yaro admits that when he was making making $5,000 a month from blogging be still did not believe he was good enough to teacch it to others,
“Because cause Darren Rowse were around” he said “who needed me if had all the answers for free already?
He identifies two issues-
  1. Your lack of direction
  2. Your lack of confidence
To be an expert pick a topic, study it and practice it and then teach it, .he said.
As long as you stay one step ahead of your students you can use services like you can find experts  who would gladly create eBooks or write courses for you in any niche. – and you will spend only a few hundred dollars.
“What you need to do is get focused, pick something and do it long enough to get a positive result (even just making one sale is good) and then build up from there” he said.
Most people put in poor focus and get poor results..

“Expertise is simply a perception created when one person helps another” said Yaro, who admitted that he realized he had something to offer when someone emailed and thanked him for his advice.

It’s simply good to find someone who can give you down to earth no-nonsense, down to earth advice – without all the guru hype and ego that goes along with the online marketing.

To learn how you can live your dream as an online blogger, check out Yaro Starak’s Blogging Mastermind.
Or you can check out Yaro’s Free Report.

It is very easy to think you are on track- it’s great when someone so down to earth can put you back on the path.


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